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Let's Groove 3
What, When, Ect.
What: Let's Groove 3 Dance Dance Revolution Tournament
When: May 31, 2003 @ 11:00 am
Where: Paradise Bowl & Casino
12505 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA. 98444
Tel. (253) 537-6012

Entry Fees
Entry fees will be set at $5 per contestant. Entry fees will be used as prizes for the top ranking players.

Everyone that enters go through qualifications. Scoring will be based on the DDR Magic Scoring System. Each player will play End of The Century one time. Only the top 32 will continue. Freeze Arrows will be disabled in qualifications, but not in eliminations. In the event of a tie at 32nd place or above, the contestants with the tied score will compete head to head on roulette on Heavy. Players will be placed into a single elimination draw, NCAA Style.

Round 1 is single elimination. Rounds 2 and higher are double elimination. After round 1, remaining players will be placed in a double elimination draw, NCAA style, by current rank. You are only allowed to pick each song to play one time. Each time you pick the same song, you lose that song. Period.

1st Round
The first round is 32 player single elimination. Players will compete head to head on a song ranging from 5-6 feet in difficulty. The player to win best 2 out of 3 wins the round and continues on. The other player will not. If a player wins the first 2 songs, a 3rd song WILL NOT be played.

2nd Round
2nd round through finals are double elimination and played the same as round one, but on songs 7 feet in difficulty.

3rd round
Same as 2nd, but on songs 8 feet in difficulty

4th round
Same as 3rd, but on songs 9 feet in difficulty & best 3 out of 5

5th round
Same as 4th, but on songs 9-10 feet in difficulty

1st place - $50 + 50% entry fees & 2 months of free long distance
2nd place - $35 + 30% entry fees & 2 months of free long distance
3rd place - $15 + 20% entry fees & 2 months of free long distance

Scoring System
1 perfect = +2 points
1 great = +1 point
1 good = +/-0 points
1 boo = -2 points
1 miss = -4 points

"What if...?"
...a player is injured during the tournament?
If the player has recovered by the end of the round, then they may play their round then. If not, they are disqualified.

...a player is injured while playing?
That song, and any songs needing to be played after will be played once the player has recovered. If the player has not recovered by the end of the round, he/she is disqualified.

...each player wins one song in rounds 1-3?
A card will be picked, each having 5 songs on it. The first 3 will be used. If the players have already played a listed song, then it will be removed and replaced with the 4th song. If 2 songs have already been played, then the 2 songs will be removed and both bottem songs will be used.

...the arrows stick or don't respond?
If an arrow sensor problem can be replicated, then the round is played over after a repair is done. If the problem can not be replicated, then the score the player got while playing will remain.

...the higher ranked player forgets to say what side they wish to play on?
If they mention this after they have played, they will not be allowed to play the song over again.

Cash prizes provided by Masterman Vending. Long distance prizes provided by LocalDial (