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Edit Tournament
Location: Narrows Plaza & Bowl
Date: Saturday, June 21st, 2003.
Time: 3:00 pm
Entry Fee: $3.00.
Machine:DDR Extreme with Memory Card slots.

What songs / difficulties will be included in this tournament?
Any song that is a) on DDR Extreme and b) on any home version released in Japan is potentially a song that can be edited - and thus a song that might show up in this tournament. For your convenience, a link to a list of eligible songs will be provided as soon as I get a chance to upload it.

All edits designed for this tournament will be Single edits - no Double or Couple edits will be used. Difficulty will range from seven to ten feet. For the purpose of this tournament, all edits will be assigned a foot rating by its creator (subject to approval by the administrator). Foot ratings should be between 1 and 10. NO EDIT LESS THAN 7 FEET OR GREATER THAN 10 FEET WILL BE USED IN THIS TOURNAMENT. NO EDIT CONSIDERED TO BE A FLASHING 10 (EQUAL IN DIFFICULTY TO THE LEGEND OF MAX OR HARDER) WILL BE USED IN THIS TOURNAMENT. (Exception - see the rules regarding tie-breakers.)

And yes: players will be playing edits, only edits, and nothing but edits. Under no circumstances will the Konami Official steps from any song be played.

No, seriously, which songs?
Not going to say. There will be songs from a variety of mixes and musical genres, though. Sorry!

How will the tournament work?
Like a standard Double-elimination tournament. Players will qualify on an edit, rated at 8 feet. Players will then be seeded in an NCAA-style double-elimination bracket, based on qualifying results. Each matchup will be best two-out-of-three. Losing players will be moved to the Loser's Bracket; lose twice and ... game over.

How will scoring work?
Based on a variation of the DDR Extreme grade system. At the end of a song, a player's performance will be judged by the following formula:
Each Perfect: +2
Each Great: +1
Each Good: 0
Each Boo: -2
Each Miss: -4
Each OK: +3
Each NG: 0

Since players will not have had the chance to practice the edits beforehand, Misses and Boos will be judged with more lenience than normal.

During the qualifying round, the player with the highest score will be seeded 1st. Second highest will be seeded 2nd, etc, etc. Any player seeding lower than 16th will be eliminated from the tournament at this point. During normal match-ups, the player with a higher score on an individual song wins that song. If players tie on a song, the results of that song are ignored. The player to win the most songs out of 3 wins the match.

What happens if I fail a song?
If you fail the qualifier: you will be eliminated from the tournament immediately, even if there are fewer than 17 entrants. It's going to be an eight-footer; if you can't pass an eight-footer, you really shouldn't be entering this tournament in the first place.

If you fail a song in a normal match-up: you immediately lose that song. If both players fail, regardless of when they fail, that song will count as a tie. IN ORDER TO WIN A MATCH, YOU MUST PASS THE SONG. (Exception - if an 11-foot edit is played and both players fail, the player with the highest score will still win the tiebreaker.)

How are ties handled?
During qualifying: If players that are ranked 16th or higher tie, those players will play the qualifying song again, on Shuffle. In the event of a three-way (or more) tie, the players will play the qualifying song again, on Left, using the same scoring system as normal. If the players tie again, the player with the most Perfects in the tiebreaker will win. If Perfects are tied, the player with the most Greats will win. OKs, then Goods, then Boos will be compared if need be. If the players are still tied, they will play the qualifier one last time: on 1.5x Reverse Dark Shuffle (Right in lieu of Shuffle in the event of a continued three-way or more tie). Scoring will be the same as the previous tie-breaker. If the players are still tied, they will all be summarily disqualified, on the grounds of trying to drive the administrator insane. Either that or forced to play an 11-foot edit. Probably the latter.
During normal play: If at the end of a best-of-three match, both players have won 1 song (or 0 songs), they will play the tied song (or third song, if all three were tied) over again - on Shuffle. If this is tied, the player with the most Perfects wins. (Then Greats, OKs, Goods, Boos, in that order.) If the players are still tied, they will play the song one last time - on 1.5x Reverse Dark Shuffle. Scoring will be the same as the previous tie-breaker. If players are still tied, the players will be forced to play an 11-foot edit.

How are the songs picked during play?
Which songs will be played when will be determined exclusively by the administrator. However, the following guidelines will be used:
1) No player will play the same edit more than once (except during a tie-breaker).
2) No edit will be used more than twice (except during a tie-breaker).
3) All edits used in the finals will not have been played prior to the finals.
4) No player will play an edit that they have submitted.

Can I use speed mods? What about other mods?
Speed Mods: Yes. Pick any mod you like. However, some tie-breakers will require you to use a particular mod (1.5x). See the above rules.
Boost: Yes.
Hidden/Sudden: Yes.
Stealth: No. Get serious, people. These are edits.
Left/Right/Mirror/Shuffle: No, unless specifically directed to during a tie-breaker song. Again, see the above rules.
Little: BWA HA HA HA! uh ... no.
Flat: Yes.
Solo: No. Sorry, but that stupid bug that Konami refuses to fix prevents this one from being allowed.
Dark: Yes.
Reverse: Yes.
Freeze Arrows Off: No.
Difficulty: Standard *only*. The difficulty setting affects the behavior of the lifebar. Light and Beginner affect Auto-Fail, and Heavy is too strict.

Can I bring my memory card?
Ahem. These are edits. You can't save your scores, so why would you want to bring it?

In short, no.

Can I watch other players while they play?
During Qualifying, no, unless you've already qualified. There's an obvious advantage to being able to see the qualifying steps before you play them. During normal play, yes.

Are there any other advantages to being higher seed besides getting to play against lower-seeded players?
You get to choose which side you want to play on. (1p or 2p.) Other than that, no.

What are the prizes?
1st Place: 60% of the entry fees, plus one 1st party PSX Memory Card, filled with tournament edits.
2nd Place: 30% of the entry fees, plus one 1st party PSX Memory Card, filled with tournament edits.
3rd Place: 10% of the entry fees, plus one 1st party PSX Memory Card, filled with tournament edits.

(added 4/27, 10:00 pm)
Can I use the bar?
The bar is your friend, citizen. Use it however you like, short of tearing it off the machine to club your competitor with.

Will there be a {insert song name} edit?
Maybe, if it's in both a home version and DDR Extreme. But no more than one edit per song. It would get very boring if all the edits were Max300 / Maxx Unlimited / Paranoia Survivor / etc.

(*Now accepting edits in DWI / SM format! See new guidelines below!*)

Anyone is welcome to submit their edits for use in the tournament. However, there are some restrictions concerning their submission. Please read the rules below.

1) The edit must be designed specifically for the tournament. Please do *not* submit edits that you have already designed prior to this notice; they will be rejected automatically.

2) In order to insure that all players are on equal footing, no player will be allowed to see an edit before the day of the tournament. Therefore, in order for an edit to be eligible, it must *not* be seen by anyone except its creator and the administrator.

3) All edits submitted must be of an appropriate difficulty level. For participants - edits submitted must be between 7 and 9 feet. For non-participants - edits submitted must be between 7 and 10 feet. (No flashing 10's, please.) Furthermore, no edit that contains any "impossible" steps will be accepted. Judgment of what consists of "impossible" steps will be made by the administrator, but a good rule of thumb is this: If you can't at least full-combo any given set of arrows by themselves, it's not going to be allowed. Preferably, it should be possible to get Perfects on any set of steps.

4) Any person that has more than two edits accepted for use in the tournament will be disqualified from entry. The administrator will contact players submitting more than two acceptable entries and give them the option to voluntarily withdraw one or more submissions.

5) The deadline for edit submission is TWO WEEKS prior to the date of the tournament - Saturday, June 7th, 2003.

6) All edits must be usable on a DDR Extreme machine.

7) All edits must be Single. No Double or Couple edits will be accepted.

8) The following sorts of edit hacks are allowed: edits designed on domestic versions of Dance Dance Revolution and hex-edited to allow functionality on the import versions; edits designed using PC programs such as Step Machine or DDREditMax (hex-edited for functionality or not); and edits that have been hex-edited to allow for the use of freezes in a song that normally does not support them. Other forms of edit hacking will be judged on a case-by-base basis; however, please keep in mind rule #3.

1) BY EMAIL (PSX format):
-Send an email to with the edit attached in either .mc, .mcs, or .gme file format.
-Use "Edit Submission" as your subject line.
-Include in the body of the email the song title, edit title, foot rating, and initials you'd like to use (up to three) in its modified title. (All edits will be renamed for tournament use.)
-Let me know if the edit is JP or US format; either is acceptable (although JP is preferred), as I can hack US edits to make them compatible with the arcade.

2) BY EMAIL (Simulator format):
-Send an email to with the edit attached in either .sm (Stepmania) or .dwi (Dance With Intensity) file format. No other simulator formats will be accepted.
-Use "Edit Submission" as your subject line.
-Make sure that there are no illegal steps in your edit. DWI and SM files allow for step resolution not supported by the PSX editor.
-Don't worry about perfect gap / timing, since the files will be converted to PSX format manually. But a rough approximation would be nice.
-If the first step in the edit doesn't match up with the first step in the Konami Official steps, please mention this in the email.
-Let me know in advance which song(s) you plan to edit; if the song(s) in question isn't on a mix I own, I'll have to borrow it. While this is doable, it'd be nice to know which mixes I'll have to borrow first.

-Give me a memory card, labelled in some fashion, with the edit you wish to submit.
-Make sure that the memory card does not contain any edits that you are not submitting.
-Collect your memory card after I copy it to my own card.
-Contact me via email to arrange a meeting, or meet me at Illusionz on Wednesday nights between 6:45 and 8:45 pm.
-Provide me with the initials you'd like to use in its modified title.