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Plans for the next LG Tournament, LG4 - [Jan] [13] [03]
Based on the feedback I got from the people who attended the last tournament, there are only a few problems with the tournaments. For the most part, it's location. The arcade at Paradise is hot, smoky, and cramped. And during a tournament, it can buildup quite a funk, even with the fan I brought. So to solve that problem, I'm looking into having Bowlero Lanes host LG4. Hopefully we can get the same sponsorship with Bowlero as we did with Paradise.
Another problem was how late the tournament lasted. Sure, most everyone had a great time, but it DID last until midnight. So unless we can get 2 DDR machines setup, it's gonna be 32 single elimination.
DDR Karaoke may or may not be at LG4, so don't get your hopes up. To keep up on the latest LG4 news (including why there was no LG3), visit the official LG4 discussion thread on the DDR Global BBS. You need to register to read/post, though.
Let's Groove 2 is Tomarrow - [Nov] [30] [02]
Okay, I haven't updated lately because (a) I'm lazy, and (b) I've been worked to death by both school and setting up for LG2. The rules can be found HERE.

Okay, now for something VERY serious. Bemani machines at Paradise have been vandalized multiple times over the past few weeks. The situation has gotten so bad, Bill Masterman (owner of Masterman Vending) had to remove the ParaParaParadise machine, because the sensors had been torn down multiple time, and replace it with some NASCAR game. But PPP isn't the only machine. Percussion Freaks 3rd has the tips from the drum sticks broken off multiple times. I talked with Masterman Vending, and they said it now has less then 1 week left at Paradise unless the machines stop getting vandalized.


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