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The picture situation

While I do have quite a collection of DDR pictures, that's where the problem lies. There's simply too many to organize. I could spend the time organizing them, putting them in diffrent little places, and so forth, but I'm planning on just waiting to put new pictures on the site. I've discovered an arcade that has DDR 4th Mix Plus, 5th Mix, and 2 Max 2 machines, as well as other Bemani games. But my digital camera was out of room (I couldn't get the pictures onto my computer), and the batteries where dead, so no pictures of the tournament. The 2nd time I went, I had my empty camera with fresh batteries, but only managed to get 3 pictures (It was quite boaring that day), and the last time I went, it was a last minute thing, so I couldn't bring my camera. This summer I'm planning on training lots, so I should get lots of pictures. For now, I might just resort to organizing my old pictures.