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More Tournament News & Stuff - [June] [11] ['02]

I've been talking to some people in the DDR Global BBS, and I'm making some changes to the tournament. 1st, after qualifications, the draw will be based on highest scores. Highest will be #1, 2nd highest will be #3, 3rd will be #5, and so on till the bottem. This is to ensure that the best will compeat in the finals, rather then half the best knock off the other half. Qualification scores will be based on the DDR Magic 3 Scoring System, not on % of perfects. That might have let to lots of tie breakers. Qualification scores will be best out of 2 on "Let's Groove" on Light. I've chosen best out of 2 because stuff happens, and people mess up. This would be a more fair way of handling this. In the event that 2 contestants get the same score, there will be a tie breaker. The song will be chosen on Roulette. There seems to be some confusion about how the eliminations work. Each player chooses a song from a specific number of feet. Both players end up choosing a song, so each player compleats two songs. If Player A chooses a song with 400 steps, and Player B chooses a song with 200 steps, they both have a total of 600. Their scores from each song will be added up to determine the winner. Roulette will be used as a tie breaker.
On another note, I played the new DDR Solo 2000 machine at Paradise today, when I went to talk to the people there about the tournament. What did I think of it? Just as bad as all the other Solo 2000 games. The machine itself stands straight-up, it only has 1 speaker, and it's song selection is limited. But other then that, it's just fine.
We also have a new person on our Tacoma DDR Profiles. Her name is Heather. She's 18 and plays on Heavy. Check out her profile.

DDR Tournament & New Bamani, Both at Paradise - [June] [10] ['02]

So much news, so little spare time.
Paradise Bowl & Casino upgraded their 5th Mix machine to DDRMAX2, and they're getting Solo 2000 and Beatmania Compleat Mix soon. Also happening is the Paradise Bowl DDR Tournament. I'm the one in charge of running it, and getting all the sponsorship taken care of. Speaking of sponsorship, if you know of any companies in Tacoma or surrounding cities that would like to sponsor this event, email me at For more information, go to the tournaments page.